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Some therapies and their benefits - Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre

Some therapies and their benefits

Our therapies and their benefits on health

Svedana-Steam bath
Enjoy the aroma of nature’s bountiful herbs in this full body therapy using the steam of herbal decoctions.

Rejuvenative: Opens up clogged pores, cleanses skin and improves complexion

Curative: Painful muscles and joints, arthritis, gout and backache

Abhyanga- Traditional Ayurvedic massage
A full body massage administered by trained therapists working in complete harmony using warm medicated herbal oils.

Rejuvenative: Healthy, glowing skin and good sleep strengthens the body

Curative: Arthritis, backache and stress

PatraPindaSveda- Leaf bundle massage
Pamper yourself with the freshness of herbs packed in pouches, warmed in herbal oils and massaged onto the body.

Curative: muscular pain, inflammation and injuries

Shirodhara- Oil stream therapy
An amazingly relaxing therapy which gently releases stress and tension from the mind and body. Involves the rhythmical pouring of a steady stream of medicated herbal oil on the forehead. Available individually or with Abhyanga

Rejuvenative: profound peace and happiness and improves memory

Curative: insomnia, mental tension, migraine, tension, headaches, memory improvement, depression and anxiety

Pizhichil- Oil bath
Indulge yourself lavishly as therapists pour warm oil and simultaneously massage your body with rhythmic hand movements.

Rejuvenative: supple skin, calm and relaxed mind

Curative: general weakness, paralysis, nervous disorders, rheumatic ailments and muscle weakness

ShastikaPindaSveda- Medicated rice bolus massage
Experience renewed strength and energy with this rich therapy. It involves massage with muslin pouches containing a special type of rice cooked in milk and herbal preparations.

Rejuvenative: enhances complexion, strengthens muscles and nourishes the body

Curative: stiff joints, nervous disorders and improves blood circulation

Kati Vasti- Warm oil reservoir
An excellent therapy to alleviate stress, pain or swelling in the lower back. Warm medicated oil is poured into an enclosed area of the waist created with a bridge of dough.

Rejuvenative: de-stresses and relieves exhaustion

Curative: relieves low back pain and spinal disorders, relaxes the waist and back

Takradhara- Buttermilk stream therapy
This therapy is similar to Shirodhara, but substitutes herbal oil with medicated buttermilk. Available with Abhyanga.

Rejuvenative: calming and soothing effect on the mind

Curative: skin disorders and insomnia

Nasya- Nasal therapy
A cleansing therapy for the nose and facial parts involving the administration of medicated oil (or herb extracts) through the nose, preceded by a face massage and steam inhalation.

Rejuvenative: gives a glowing and healthy look to the face

Curative: sinusitis, recurrent colds, headache, ear congestion and nasal polyps

SnehaVasti- Oil enema therapy
A medicated oil enema used in Ayurveda to cleanse and purify the colon, and to nourish the body.

Rejuvenative: strengthens and nourishes tissues, and controls dryness of the body

Curative: emaciation, muscular atrophy and nervous disorders

Kashaya Vasti- Herbal enema therapy
An excellent enema therapy with herbal preparations aimed at effective removal of excess body waste and toxins from the colon.

Rejuvenative: provides strength and enhances the complexion

Curative: hemiplegia, urinary disorders, abdominal distention and constipation

Shirovasti- Oil reservoir
A calming therapy in which lukewarm medicated oils are poured into an enclosed area on the head, and retained for a prescribed period of time.

Rejuvenative: promotes mental clarity and revitalises the body

Curative: facial paralysis, insomnia, hemicrania, chronic and frequent headaches

Uttara Vasti- Medicated douche
A cleansing and curative therapy employed in the treatment of genitourinary tract disorders. The material consists of a combination of herbs and oil.

Curative: Menstrual, uterine and reproductive disorders, and venereal diseases

Udvartana- Powder massage/Obesity massage
Herbal powders are massaged onto the body in a rhythmic motion. This therapy is largely recommended for dissolving excess fat, strengthening the body and for healthy skin.

Rejuvenative: cleanses and nourishes skin, provides firm muscle tone and increased circulation

Curative: dissolves excessive fat, and hence beneficial in obesity

Pichu-Oil- soaked cotton swab
A simple, traditional Ayurvedic treatment using warm oil. The therapy involves placing cotton soaked in medicated oil.

Curative: eye, ear and nose disorders, headache and gynecological disorders

UroVasti- Warm oil reservoir
Specific treatment of the chest, which entails pouring of warm medicated oil into an enclosed area of the chest created with a bridge of dough.

Curative: chest disorders, alleviates stress and pain in the chest and flanks

Karna Poorana- Oil bath for the ears
Warm herbal oil (or medicated liquid) is poured into the ears followed by massage around the ears and jaw area. This helps in loosening wax and relieving jaw and neck tension, itching, earaches and headaches.

Curative: Itching, dryness, ringing in the ears, earache, gum, teeth and jaw disorders

Kavala-Gandusha- Oral cleansing
Gargling or retaining medicated oil or herbal preparations in the mouth for relieving dental and mouth problems. This therapy imparts a light and fresh feeling to the mouth, and exerts a cleansing and strengthening action on the gums, teeth and voice.

Rejuvenative: freshens the breath, improves the sense of taste, and strengthens teeth and gums

Curative: nausea, anorexia, rhinitis, sore throat and oral cavity disorders

Sarvanga Dhara- Medicated full-body bath
An invigorating therapy which comprises the pouring of medicated oil, milk or buttermilk over the entire body. Besides having excellent rejuvenating properties, it also gives relief from body ache, sprains and joint pain.

Rejuvenative: strengthens the body, arrests the ageing process and builds up immunity

Curative: nervous disorders, rheumatic diseases, paralysis, skin diseases and spondylitis

Netra Vasti- Oil bath for the eyes
Eyes are bathed with medicated herbal oil or ghee to release the inner tension of the eye sockets, and to soothe dry, wrinkled skin. This treatment is used to improve eyesight, and to nourish the nervous system through the eyes.

Rejuvenative: relaxes the eyes and gives them a sparkle

Curative: eye strain, vision problems, pain and inflammation of the eyes

Vamanam - Emesis
This is the process of inducing well-monitored emesis. Through this method, the stomach is purified and vitiated Kapha is expelled.

Curative: This is especially effective for Asthma, Psoriasis, hyperlipidemia,  etc.

Virechanam - Purgation
This is prescribed for treatment of disorders relating to Pittha.Specific drugs are used on a programmed basis to eliminate the toxins of the intestines.

Curative: Skin disorders, diabetes, jaundice, ulcers and other rheumatic diseases, overweight etc.

Vasthi - Therapeutic Enema
Vasthi is another important form of treatment in Panchkarma and it is very effective in curing disorders relating to Vatha where medicinal fluids are administered as Enemas.There are three types of Vasthis – SnehaVasthi (Oil), Kashaya Vasthi (Decoction) and UtharaVasthi. UtharaVasthi involves administering enemas for the reproductive organs and is prescribed for urinary disorders, impotency and infertility, etc.

Curative: Arthritis, paralysis, and gastric complaints, chronic colitis, IBS, low back pain, overweight etc.

Nasyam - Nasal Medication
Nasyam is the administration of medication through the nostrils, inhalation of medicated herbal preparations, etc. According to Ayurveda, the nasal passage is the gateway for the head and is the easiest access thereby being the most convenient method for delivering the full potency of the medicine administered.

Curative: This is indicated as curative for diseases of the head, neck, thorax, etc. Nasyam is said to reduce hair fall, improve vision and enhance complexion.

Rakthamokshana - Blood Letting
Rakthamokshana refers to the removal of vitiated elements from blood by blood letting. This is practiced in diseases of blood, skin, psoriasis, varicose vain, eczema etc