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Reviews - Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre


Thank you so much for accepting me as a student in your hospital and for every one who helped me and shared with me their knowledge and experiences, which is what I was looking for. Thank you for your warm support and including me in your team. Please stay in touch and you will always be welcome in Barcelona !!

Take care and Love form Claire 


First of all I am very thankful to Ojus Ayurveda Hospital. In my previous life, I cannot express my pain that was due to Piles. One day I saw Ojus hospital on website there was explanation of Ksharsutra Treatment for piles and Fistula. Before my operation I was quite nervous but after the treatment I am very happy, specially all of the staffs who were very helpful and familiar. Its my great opportunity to get a treatment from this hospital . Finally again I would like to thank to all stakeholders of this hospital like all doctors, administrative staffs and functional staffs.

Thank you So much

Tirtha Sewek Bhandari

I like so much the experience of Panchakarma Treatment inside here. It was very good and healthy environment.
Thank you


I feel very good

I admire Ojus Hospital !

Frank Xie

We had our third set of nourishing and relaxing treatments today before we head back to India, Shree Nityananda Education Trustand Fire Mountain Retreat Center. Nice to know we can come here and get special treatment while we enjoy unwinding in Boudhanath's sacred atmosphere. We do love Nepal!

Jeanetta Monosoff Haley

We were so happy to see our Ojus family again........Narayan Prasad Acharya, Prakash Acharya, DilliLamichhane and RoziKarki. and meet the new staff. the treatment had improved since a year ago, and we were happy with what we got then. Can't say enough about how great your program is now!
Thank You so much!!!! Narayanji, for the fabulous treatments at Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd yesterday...........OMG!!!!!.... first a head massage, then at least 30 minutes of Shirodhara, then two woman full body massage followed by a steam bath..Then we were escorted to the canteen and given a lovely kichadi and side of cooked vegetables....... Wow, I don't think I have ever felt such a total body rejuvenation in one morning! I am thankful to you and all of Ojus Ayurveda for their love and treatments. Blessings to you and your staff! Jeanetta and Dewa (Dahvee Haley)

Jeanetta Monosoff Haley

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