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Eye Care - Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre

Eye Care

Good eye health and eye care are crucial to protect your sight, prevent common eye disorders, and treat eye problems early.There are several common eye problems including:- Presbyopia; This is the loss of the ability to see close objects or small print clearly. Dry eyes; this happens when tear glands cannot make enough tears or produce poor quality tears.

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, causing itching, burning or, rarely, some loss of vision. Tearing; Having too many tears can come from being sensitive to light, wind or temperature changes. Cataracts; Cataracts are cloudy areas that develop within the eye lens. Low vision includes different degrees of sight loss from having blind spots, poor night vision, and problems with glare to almost a complete loss of sight.


  • Snehana:-tilla tail, M. narayan oil, aswagandha oil.
  • Swedana:-Sarwang
  • Pranayama:-Anuloma -  biloma, Ujjay, shitkari, etc
  • Eye exercise:- eye bal movement ;- up-down, left-right, right upper-left lower, left upper-rightlower, clock wise- anti clock wise
  • Akshadhara:- water
  • Netra tarpana:- M. triphalaghrita
  • Trataka:- Candle, moon.