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Pregnancy Promotion - Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre

Pregnancy Promotion

Pregnancy is the development of one or more offspring, known as an embryoor fetus, in a woman's uterus. It is the common name for gestation in humans. Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeks after conception; in women who have a menstrual cycle length of four weeks, this is approximately 40 weeks from the start of the last normal menstrual period (LNMP).

Complications of pregnancy are problems that are caused by pregnancy. There is no clear distinction between complications of pregnancy andsymptoms and discomforts of pregnancy. However, the latter do not significantly interfere with activities of daily living or pose any significant threat to the health of the mother or baby. In contrast, pregnancy complications may cause both maternal death and fetal death if untreated. Intrauterine growth retardation is more common in pregnancy.


  • Snehana :- m. narayan + aswagandha tail
  • Swedana:- mild nadi – dasmula ,aswagandha
  • SSPS:- go dughadha (cow milk),ss rice, aswagahdhapoeder
  • Shiradhara:- aswagandha, dasmulla, go dugadha
  • Basti:- aswagandha, almond, kshirbala, dasmullaetc oil
  • Pranayama:- anuloma- biloma, om chanting, bhramari