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Welcome to Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre

Welcome to Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, the first fully fledged Ayurveda and Panchakarma hospital in Nepal. Our hospital is registered with the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal, and is recognised both by the Government and local people as a first-class medical institution on the same level as the best Allopathic hospitals For the last 6 years, we have been offering a range of Ayurvedic treatments to people from all over the world, providing the optimum environment to enhance people’s physical and emotional well-being and help them to establish a nourishing connection between body, mind and spirit,

We are not only concerned with disease and its remedies, we also emphasise the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda sees human beings as part of nature and the entire cosmos, whereas Allopathy regards them as an isolated individuals. This is one of our greatest strengths, enabling us to successfully treat people with safe and holistic methods.

We offer a unique way to regain the health that nature intends for all of us through our Panchakarma Treatments, which are specially designed to suit your individual constitution, health condition and circumstances. Our expert Ayurveda physicians offer one to one attention, and recommend the most suitable personalized therapies for the promotion of health, the prevention of disease, rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre has been working towards the prevention of non-communicable diseases (chronic diseases) throughout Nepal, as well as holding outreach health camps in different regions. We also offer a variety of training programs based on Ayurveda and Panchakarma for Ayurvedic doctors and therapists, Health workers and other interested parties.

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As the name suggests, Pancha in Sanskrit stands for Five and Karma are the therapeutic measures, therefore Panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures. 

These are undertaken for the purification of the body and Ayurveda considers it necessary before the start of any other therapy. 

The logic being that as a cloth needs to be purified or cleaned of impurities and dust before it can be permeated with a new color, similarly the body needs to be purified before it can be permeated with new colors of youthfulness, health and vigor etc.


Fistula-in-ano is a condition which has been recognized as a difficult surgical disease in all the ancient and modern medical sciences of the world.

It is the recurrent nature of this disease which makes it difficult for treatment. It has been categorized as a surgical condition and almost all the surgeons starting from Sushruta (about 1500 B.C.) to Hippocrates (450 B.C.). 

This is one condition for which the maximum types of surgical, para-surgical and medical applications have been described.

12 JUNE 2014


Health Camp recently organized by Ojus Ayurveda hospital and research center.